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Utah Moms for Clean Air’s first chapter was spearheaded in Sevier County by Shanna Bastian in response to a proposed coal-fired power plant essentially in her backyard. As of early 2010, the Sevier MOMS (working with other local groups) have kicked butt and put the power company on the run!

Reprinted Editorial from the Richfield Reaper
Dec 18, 2007

If the doctors don’t know what the coal plant pollution will do to our bodies, how do the Sevier County Commissioners know?

The meeting in Richfield on Thursday, Sept. 6, was composed of Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment and Utah Moms for Clean Air. They supported Sevier County Citizens for Clean Air and Water.

Dr. Brian Moench, president of the UPHB and also a Salt Lake City physician, was the main speaker, along with other physicians. They all talked about the effects of health problems on people in the Sevier Valley if the coal plant is built. Dr. Cowley also said studies that were made by the county don’t account for negatives on health care, water, agriculture and other things. He also said that he thinks a coal plant in the valley is a bad idea.

People who live in the valley are not dumb. They also express their thoughts about health problems from the coal plant and they are not even doctors.

When Dr. Crimin moved here in the Sevier Valley years ago to practice medicine, he moved here because the valley had clean air and he could raise his family in a clean environment. He is also concerned about his patients and wants them to live in a clean environment and without a dirty coal plant.

If a coal plant is built near Sigurd, then everybody will suffer the consequences. All the money in the world can’t buy health, but the county commissioners think so. The people voted them into office to do things for the majority of the people and not what they want to do.

John L. Harrison and Annabella

For more information, contact Utah Moms for Clean Air.

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