Utah Moms For Clean Air Taking Grassroots Organizing to the Next Level

June 9th, 2016

Utah Moms For Clean Air is excited to be utilizing new software which will help us take our grassroots organization to the next level. Have you ever wondered why advocacy organizations eager ask you to “sign up,” “become a member,” or “receive newsletters?”

When we know where our supporters live, we can effectively map support for clean air policies. We can see which legislators should be feeling pressure from their constituents to prioritize air quality; in which districts we should focus outreach; and which neighborhoods could benefit from organizing their support into action. With this information we can better take our passionate, informed online conversations about air quality and translate them into effective actions to create real change for the better in our air quality – and we all know improvements in air quality mean better health for our families.

And that’s another new development – some may have noticed that we now also have a FB page, in addition to our FB group. For now, all of our main conversations will still be happening on our main FB group with some administrative posts going to both the group and the new page. We are looking forward because FB limits groups to only 5000 members! For now though, all the great information and discussion we all rely on will still be found in our group.

So please, click our sign up link and share some of your info with us! We are all volunteers at Utah Moms For Clean Air, and let’s be honest, we simply don’t have time to sit around creating spam to fill up your inbox, nor will we use up a bunch of trees filling your mailbox with junkmail. But your information will go a long way toward helping us more effectively organize the voices of clean air supporters in our communities – and sometimes offer you the opportunity to take direct action for clean air policies especially during the legislative session when important decisions are being made.

Sign up now!

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